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RAYNET, the Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network is the UK’s national voluntary communications service provided for the community by licensed radio amateurs.

Raynet is an opportunity to be part of the County's Emergency plans to help out in times of difficulty, using radio skills in a group that is pressing forward with helping the County generally have a more joined up approach to Emergency Comms and Procedures 

As a part of the voluntary nationwide Raynet organisation,  Surrey Raynet exists to provide supplementary radio communications in emergency situations that may occur in the county of Surrey. 

Surrey Raynet is part of the Surrey Local Resilience Forum  and also sits on the Telecoms Sub Group chaired by Surrey Police. We are written into the the County's emergency plans and can be called out by Surrey County Council, Surrey Police or other defined User Services.  We have dedicated radio links to SCC and liaison radio channels with others such as St John's Ambulance and RedX.  Surrey Raynet will assist other counties when requested.

Surrey Raynet has extensive radio equipment and a Command Vehicle with multi radio systems capability.

Surrey Raynet is run by a County Committee chaired by the County Controller, with the usual Officers. Equipment and operating  skills are maintained by providing charity ride, run & walk events with communication coverage, averaging one a month throughout the year. These events not only provide for excellent training and testing opportunities, but help very worthwhile causes and are highly enjoyable and rewarding events.

We are currently working with many different radio systems evaluating and testing, including D-Star and D-RATS messaging, NVIS, messaging using QPSK and GMSK over different bands, APRS/Messaging, EasyPal image transfer, multiple talk through systems and remote control .

Each member has an Operating Manual for their guidance, which also contains a Health & Safety Statement & Risk Assessment documentation.

See the Raynet National Site (link on left panel), for general information regarding Raynet.

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