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With winter approaching this is the time when we have the greatest potential for a call out, to assist in one of several possible bad-weather-scenarios.  To this end we need to be ready for any emergency.  One way we can predict when the likely time approaches is to monitor  weather reports and forecasts.  There are many resources available for this and checking these, on the web, will keep you aware of problems and where these are likely to occur.

To facilitate this, and to check what is happening now, click on the Weather Now button.   For the latest forecasts click on the Forecasts button.

These pages do require some explanation:-

The chart in Weather Now.  This, as the title suggests, will take you to various web pages showing the weather right now.  For example PICTORIAL SUMMARY shows three pictures, the top one looks like visible spectrum showing cloud cover over the UK and Europe.  The second picture shows various fronts together with pressures, while the third picture is an infra-red version of the first.

Radar UK1 is a Met Office radar chart for the British Isles and shows rainfall images at 30 minute intervals over the past 6 hours.

Radar/Cloud Movement is a Metox page showing realtime satellite  and rainradar.

Wind link shows the current wind speed over the UK, with the colour of the arrows denoting the wind speed.  Note that the key give the wind speed in Beaufort terms but a conversion to mph is included.  At top right you can change the overlay to show pressure; visibility; temperature and weather.  The latter is showing cloud cover.

The rain link shows precipitation over Europe for the past 6 hours.  The dimensions are not given but it is reasonable to assume that the numbers are in mm.